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"Throughout her tenure at Mr. Green Africa, Nina demonstrated exceptional ability, a strong work ethic, and a high-level of emotional intelligence; thus allowing her to be a pillar for the growth and development of the leadership team."

Keiran Nicholas Smith - CEO

Mr. Green Africa, Kenya

"My experience with Nina has been exemplary with noticeable outcomes. Though, this was my 1st experience with a professional coach, the ease and comfort Nina managed to get me into made these sessions extremely valuable. She sets the expectations clear and has a natural swiftness in engaging you into conversations and exploring the depths which helped me to understand myself better. Her approach is very practical and effective."

Manjinder Singh - Head of RM Systems

Vueling, Spain

"The coaching has been a boost to my professional life because reflecting on my vision, ideas, strengths and side effects made me aware of how they are connected and how they fit together. This clear picture gives me confidence about my plans, which allows me to make them happen."

Elias, Germany

"Nina - just has the guts to get the job well done on a thin budget. [...] The project report was well done, creative and to the point. Unlike other consultants who repeat what you told them, Nina takes the problem to heart and bulldozes her way through it all to the finish line and comes out smelling like a rose. All results. And she loves helping others achieve results too. She is the real deal. No fluff."

Moka Lantum - CEO

Sagitarix Ltd, Kenya

"Prior to my work with Nina, I had not had a lot experience working with a consultant for my own venture so I was vastly relieved when she immediately put me at ease and I was able to fumble through and talk through the work that I needed to be done. My experience with Nina was seamless, she is responsive and timely with deliverables and open to follow up questions and proposals. She has become my go-to when I am asked for a referral because I know she would not disappoint."

Christine Githiomi - Director

Tano Entertainment Network, Kenya

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