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Conscious Leadership

Entrepreneurs and leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset are a peculiar kind, don’t you think? You are driven, ambitious, curious and see opportunities and solutions where no one else does.


Sometimes, things don't go quite as planned and you get a little stuck. Sometimes, it's hard to integrate what your organisation asks of you, your social & family life, as well as your mental, emotional and physical health. It's a lot!

Align the Dots Conscious Leadership

Prioritising, managing time and energy as well as understanding yourself better become key to not only surviving, but thriving as a leader.

Exploring principles of awareness, accountability and authenticity enables you to develop conscious leadership skills for your own benefit, as well as for your team's.

Align the Dots offers a 1:1 coaching programme over six sessions to help you embrace a conscious leader's lifestyle, to live it fully and wholesomely.

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