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Grow your Venture

When you grow, it hurts. How can you grow faster, easier and sustainably? By creating momentum. “How do you that?” I hear you asking. 

The model, or my premise, starts with your values, vision and purpose. This is your foundation and the building blocks of your company culture.

Second, you define the financial and operational results you want to achieve over time. 

Finally, you adapt and create an operating system based on structure, processes and priorities to deliver these results, supported by your company culture.

Now the fun part is to make it happen!

Align the Dots Consulting Model
Align the Dots Consulting Process

With my consultant hat on, I’ll offer you the operational tools and frameworks to make it work.


I’ll then put on my coaching hat so the results are sustainably ingrained in your company and owned by you and your leaders. And thus, you will soon enough thrive without me.

These are the results and side effects you should expect:

  • Sustainable growth

  • Turning your vision into execution

  • An authentic company culture

  • Having the right people in the right roles

  • An environment that fosters leadership, accountability and transparency


Oh! And a healthy, happy team and sustainable profitability.

Curious? Intrigued? Schedule a meeting to know more.

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