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Startup your Venture

How often do you talk about your dreams? How clearly can you imagine a better way, a different world to fix something that’s broken or not quite working?


George Shaw once said:

“Imagination is the beginning of creation.

You imagine what you desire,

you will what you imagine, and at last,

you create what you will.” 

You’ve already turned your imagination into will, you wouldn’t be here otherwise. How can you now turn your will into creation?

I offer you two options to get there:  a 5-week online programme or a 1:1 coaching programme.


The "Turn your Vision into Execution" online programme is self-paced so you can work on it when it works best for you. You will have access to a private group so you can share your experience and be supported on this journey.



The 1:1 coaching programme includes ten coaching sessions over a period of nine to 12 months, where you will clarify your values, vision and purpose, uncover barriers that may hold you back and develop an action plan so that step by step, you’ll go from dreaming and thinking to planning and doing.

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