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Grow your Venture

Growing hurts, no matter what. By implementing a solid operating system based on values, vision and purpose, your leadership team will ground the structure and processes your business needs in order to create momentum and accelerate sustainable growth.

Conscious Leadership

Being a leader is fulfilling. And hard. Handling the demands of your organisation, your personal life as well as your mental, emotional and physical health is no small feat. Prioritising, managing time and energy as well as understanding yourself better become key to not only surviving, but thriving as a leader.

Online Programmes

"Own your Time" is a self-paced online programme to get to focus on what matters most to you.

"Turn Your Vision Into Execution" is a self-paced online bootcamp that will enable you to turn your business idea into reality.

Coaching & Consulting Services

Aligning the dots...

Nina Werner, founder Align the Dots

Being a leader with an entrepreneurial mindset, I know how challenging it is to sustainably grow an organisation all the while growing as a person.

I have a passion for helping organisations who are "doing well by doing good" to thrive and I want to live in a world where leaders feel successful, healthy and love what they do.


That's why I launched Align the Dots in 2020 to offer professional coaching and consulting services in Sweden (physically) and globally (digitally).

My purpose is to reignite and nourish the light of people whose paths I cross to further connect with our truest essence, and in doing so, elevating our collective consciousness, which is why I weave in self-leadership principles into my practice.

More about Nina


Elias, Germany

"The coaching has been a boost to my professional life because reflecting on my vision, ideas, strengths and side effects made me aware of how they are connected and how they fit together. This clear picture gives me confidence about my plans, which allows me to make them happen."


Keiran Nicholas Smith, CEO
Mr Green Africa, Kenya

"Throughout her tenure at Mr. Green Africa, Nina demonstrated exceptional ability, a strong work ethic, and a high-level of emotional intelligence; thus allowing her to be a pillar for the growth and development of the leadership team."


Manjinder Singh
Vueling, Spain

"My experience with Nina has been exemplary with noticeable outcomes. [...] She sets the expectations clear and has a natural swiftness in engaging you into conversations and exploring the depths which helped me to understand myself better. Her approach is very practical and effective."

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